Rest In Peace, Don Warren

The founder of The Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps, Don Warren, passed away this morning. To say that a giant has left us is an understatement. Don Warren’s contributions to the drum corps activity and to the Cavaliers are immeasurable. His influence continues through the many Cavaliers corps brothers who marched throughout the Green Machine’s 71 year history, both in and out of drum corps.

The Cavaliers have posted a remembrance of Don Warren on their website – Remembering Don Warren

Watch for services information on the corps website as well as on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

2019-05-17 Cleveland vs. Baltimore

I missed my traditional Brew Kettle Kitka last time I was at the ball park. Not this time.

These won’t be my only Dollar Dogs of the night.

Jafry Ramirez dealing early.

Santana making the out.

Jose Ramirez steals 2nd, which leads to Cleveland’s first run off a Jake Bauers single. 1-0 after 2.

5 strike outs for Rodriguez, but 4 runs given up. 4-1 at the bottom of the 6th.

Credit to Bundy. He battled through 5 2/3 innings and leaves the game with a 4-1 lead.

Jafry Rodriguez’s night is over after 6 2/3 innings. Tyler Olson takes over with a 4-1 deficit.

Hello, Thome, my old friend.

Olson does his job and hands the ball to Neil Ramirez with one down in the top of the 8th and Baltimore still leading 4-1.

Oh, hai racism!

Yes, that is the bat flying away from the batter. Almost took the bat boy out in the process.

Definitely not the ending we wanted…

…but at least we got fireworks!

Some shots of Cleveland as I head back to the car.

Marching Roundtable 799: WGI 2019 Winds Wrap-Up

Thank you to Tim Hinton and Marching Arts Education for having me as a guest on episode 799 of the Marching Roundtable podcast. This episode looked back at the 2019 Winter Guard International Winds World Championships which took place in April in Dayton, Ohio.

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Fiber: The superfood 95 percent of Americans fail to eat enough of – Vox

Only five percent of Americans meet the recommended fiber target — and that means most miss out on fiber’s benefits. So how can you eat more fiber? Every researcher I spoke to suggested aiming to get a diversity of fiber from a varied menu of whole foods, instead of relying only on supplements or fiber-enriched processed foods, especially the sugary barsand brownies now being marketed as fiber-delivery tools. 

To do that, consider snacking on whole fruits, replacing white bread with whole-grain alternatives, eating potatoes with the skins on, and tossing berries, nuts, and seeds on your yogurt, cereals, or salads, Hannah Holscher, an assistant professor of nutrition at the University of Illinois, suggested. “Lots of small changes can add up.”

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