For Sale: Mobvoi Ticwatch E WearOS Smartwatch

I recently received a Ticwatch E smartwatch as part of a Kickstarter reward. Unfortunately, I find I rarely use it. If you’ve been looking for a cheap starter smartwatch, this is perfect for you. The watch is in perfect condition and comes with a USB charging cable. The watch is also reset to factory settings and ready to set up with your smartphone.

I Need To Be Watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine AND SO SHOULD YOU!!!

There are many shows on television which I know I should be watching but just never get around to. Game of Thrones, Star Trek: Discovery, and the Netflix Marvel shows (RIP Daredevil and company) come to mind. Another show which is on that list is Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I’ve heard so much about how entertaining and well written the 99 is, plus there was the drama of the show getting cancelled by Fox after its fifth season, only to be resurrected by NBC just 31 hours later. As with most shows that already have more than one season, though, I find it tough to get started at the beginning as there is so much catching up I need to do.

Well, Brooklyn Nine-Nine just made a very convincing case for me to get on that bandwagon with not one but TWO “action” trailers in preparation for their sixth season and first on NBC!

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine All Action Trailer

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine All Action Trailer (Alternate Ending)

I know what I’ll be binge watching once I finish with The Gauntlet.

You can watch the first five seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Hulu (subscription required).

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet – Experiment 1203: Lords of the Deep

Halfway though The Gauntlet. I still have my sanity. How about you?

Gauntlet movie #3 is Lords of the Deep. Who are these lords? If you can figure that out, you’re a better person than I.


  • Roger Corman!
  • Movie trope – Computers that talk with no inflection or emotion
  • “If there was no justice in this world, you wouldn’t be loved.” WHAT???
  • I think they stole the model of the deep sea rig from The Abyss
  • The sets look like they were from Babylon 5
  • Sunk submarine, also a plot point from The Abyss
  • “She’s like if God hadn’t finished completing Michelle Pfieffer.”
  • Why is it they can never track anything in the air ducts?
  • I keep expecting the computer to offer to play a game of chess
  • Buddy System, people. You’re less likely to die if you’re not alone.
  • “Something’s trying to tell me something!” Can you be more vague, please?
  • And then they rip off 2001 by “killing” the homicidal computer

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet – Experiment 1202: Atlantic Rim

The Gauntlet continues, as well as the apparent theme of movies that shamelessly rip off other, much more successful movies. Hop over the American continents for Atlantic Rim!


  • Listed as From the Sea on IMDB. They changed the name after Pacific Rim came out.
  • Sharknado level effects
  • Diction was an issue for multiple actors
  • Cheap Power Rangers knock off uniforms are cheap
  • There’s some Abyss ripping off as well
  • “Bullbutter” is not an acceptable replacement for “bullshit”
  • Trite movie cliche – Military pilots who don’t listen to orders
  • “My superhero name is Superfly!”
  • Scratch that – Bad video game effects
  • You can break out of a military prison with just a hammer
  • Let me A your Q’s!
  • “Transmorphers: Less than meets the eye”
  • Also rips off The Avengers by sending a nuke at New York
  • This movie LOVES it’s slo mo.
  • Did the SyFy Channel commission this movie?

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet – Experiment 1201: Mac and Me

MST3K is back for it’s 12th season, the second via Netflix and the new lineup of Jonah Ray, Felicia Day, and Patton Oswalt. Last season, The Return, was wildly successful and loved. This season, the focus is on six movies and written with binge watching in mind.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…THE GAUNTLET!!!

The first movie as we run The Gauntlet is Mac and Me, a very lame attempt to mac, if you will, on the popularity of ET, though it took five years for Hollywood to put this one out.


  • I’ve never seen a vehicle with blinds in the windows
  • Racially insensitively was pretty rampant in 80s Hollywood, wasn’t it?
  • Alan Silvestri hadn’t learned how to write serious sound tracks yet
  • Child actors are annoying more often are not
  • So are alien puppets not under Frank Oz’s control
  • More screen time for Rebecca Hanson!
  • Replace M&Ms with Coke and you have a total rip off of the capturing the alien scene from ET
  • Mac, you can do stupid things!
  • This movie is brought to you by McDonald’s and Coca-Cola
  • NO birthday party was EVER like this at McDonald’s
  • And they even had a candy: Skittles instead of M&Ms
  • “Featuring Drew Barryless as ‘Debbie'”
  • The citizenship ceremony. I can’t even.
  • “We’ll be back!” No, you won’t!
Beware The Grimace!