The Museum of English Rural Life is an Absolute Unit

I don’t know who runs this Twitter account, but they win the internet on a regular basis.

Delete All Your Apps – Motherboard

Once a year, I wipe all of my devices and reload from scratch. I also do not install any of the Facebook apps (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp). I’m looking at moving away from Google services because of their privacy issues as well. Today’s news isn’t surprising to me, but it is concerning.

It might be time to get rid of all the free single-use apps that are essentially re-sized websites. Generally speaking, it is safer, privacywise, to access your data on a browser, even if it’s more inconvenient. On second thought, it may be time to delete all your apps and start over using only apps that respect your privacy and that have sustainable business models that don’t rely on monetizing your data. On iOS, this might mean using more of Apple’s first party apps, even if they don’t work as well as free third-party versions.

Manufactured Outrage, Christmas Edition

I have yet to see or hear a single person who is offended by Baby, It’s Cold Outside; Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer; or A Charlie Brown Christmas.

But there is A METRIC FUCK TON of people who want is all to know that they’re offended by the possibility that somebody is offended by the above.

I guess you could say they’re all… snowflakes.


Voyager 2 Has Left Our Solar System

For Sale: Mobvoi Ticwatch E WearOS Smartwatch

I recently received a Ticwatch E smartwatch as part of a Kickstarter reward. Unfortunately, I find I rarely use it. If you’ve been looking for a cheap starter smartwatch, this is perfect for you. The watch is in perfect condition and comes with a USB charging cable. The watch is also reset to factory settings and ready to set up with your smartphone.

I Need To Be Watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine AND SO SHOULD YOU!!!

There are many shows on television which I know I should be watching but just never get around to. Game of Thrones, Star Trek: Discovery, and the Netflix Marvel shows (RIP Daredevil and company) come to mind. Another show which is on that list is Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I’ve heard so much about how entertaining and well written the 99 is, plus there was the drama of the show getting cancelled by Fox after its fifth season, only to be resurrected by NBC just 31 hours later. As with most shows that already have more than one season, though, I find it tough to get started at the beginning as there is so much catching up I need to do.

Well, Brooklyn Nine-Nine just made a very convincing case for me to get on that bandwagon with not one but TWO “action” trailers in preparation for their sixth season and first on NBC!

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine All Action Trailer

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine All Action Trailer (Alternate Ending)

I know what I’ll be binge watching once I finish with The Gauntlet.

You can watch the first five seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Hulu (subscription required).