Reading Barr’s Summary of Mueller’s Report – Musing about law, books, and politics

Barr’s summary and conclusion do not preclude Congress from stepping in, demanding to see the evidence, and reaching a different conclusion.  That’s why we have more than one branch of government. It keeps the executive branch from exonerating the head of the executive branch. — Read on

2019 Drum Corps Tour

Now that I follow and attend indoor events during the winter and spring, there is a sense of withdrawal which takes place between WGI Championships and the start of the drum corps season. Fortunately, that period is only for a couple months, but it’s still there. In order to get myself psyched for the upcoming […]

Schneier: Don’t expect Uncle Sam to guard your web privacy – it’s Europe riding to the rescue • The Register

“The EU is the regulatory superpower on the planet,” Schneier told The Register. “We won’t be regulating surveillance capitalism in the US, it’s too profitable. If you want that done, then look to the EU.” — Read on

What is our best outcome, and how do we get there? – Musing about law, books, and politics

 Social scientists tell us that about 1/3 of the population will never feel comfortable in a liberal democracy Which brings me to the second problem: Dealing with that 1/3 so that this doesn’t happen again. — Read on

‘Please, Danny, don’t die on my watch’: An oral history of a near-death in the dugout

A year ago, Danny Farquhar was pitching for the White Sox when an aneurysm burst in his brain. Here’s how he and those around him recall that fateful day, his recovery — and his return to the mound. In my own head I said, “Please, Danny, don’t die on my watch here.” ‘Cause I’m holding […]

The 17-Year-Old Boy in the 16-Foot Boat | FanGraphs Baseball

I don’t know what happened to Gazmuri after his baseball career ended — what he did, who he connected with, even whether or not he’s still alive today. I wish I did know. I wish that we could hear the story of the 17-year-old in the 16-foot boat, the best baseball player in all of […]