The Indians Are in a Bad but Enviable Position | FanGraphs Baseball

Jeff Sullivan is one half of the Effectively Wild podcast and is a great baseball analyst and writer. I really like his speculation in this Fangraphs article about what Cleveland may be up to this off-season and what the front office’s motives are as the hot stove heats up. I actually wonder if payroll isn’t […]

Elegy for ’18 – Cleveland Indians | FanGraphs Baseball

The elephant in the room is how much the forecast for 2019 changes as deals are made. Will we have Bauer and/or Kluber when Spring Training rolls around? Coming off three consecutive division wins and a World Series appearance that fell short of the championship by a single run, this offseason has started differently, with […]

Sunday Notes: Omar Vizquel Tips The Scales of Justice | FanGraphs Baseball

Hall of Fame debate season is upon us, and subjectivity is inherent in the process. For every no-brainer candidate there are always several for whom a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down is largely in the eye of the beholder. Pushing bias aside — not always an easy exercise — one must weigh a ton of factors. […]