‘Please, Danny, don’t die on my watch’: An oral history of a near-death in the dugout

A year ago, Danny Farquhar was pitching for the White Sox when an aneurysm burst in his brain. Here’s how he and those around him recall that fateful day, his recovery — and his return to the mound. In my own head I said, “Please, Danny, don’t die on my watch here.” ‘Cause I’m holding […]

The 17-Year-Old Boy in the 16-Foot Boat | FanGraphs Baseball

I don’t know what happened to Gazmuri after his baseball career ended — what he did, who he connected with, even whether or not he’s still alive today. I wish I did know. I wish that we could hear the story of the 17-year-old in the 16-foot boat, the best baseball player in all of […]

The Book of Jobu: How ‘Major League’ predicted the future

On the movie’s 30th anniversary, Sam Miller saw it for the first time — and noticed three things the classic baseball film foretold about the modern game. — Read on www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/26430248/how-major-league-predicted-future

The truth hurts! Realistic 2019 goals for all 30 MLB teams

We’ve established two things: Last year’s Indians probably weren’t very good, compared to the other AL playoff teams. And since none of the other four teams in the division did much to upgrade, this year’s Indians probably don’t need to be very good to make the playoffs. Cleveland spent the offseason getting a little bit […]

The View From Pluto: The Big Holes in the Indians Opening Day Lineup | WKSU

Pluto says that with the Indians being the fourth-oldest team in baseball last season, team president Chris Antonetti was worried about the team becoming older. “He was very fearful of the team getting old at once … Old and expensive,” Pluto says. “What happens in baseball sometimes is you’re overpaying older guys and in fact, […]