SpaceX Iridium-8 Launch

I don’t know how I missed it, but SpaceX had their 8th and final launch of Iridium’s Next satellite cluster on January 11th. As always, SpaceX live streamed the launch on YouTube. Iridium also released a music playlist on Spotify. If you start the playlist at T-12.55 of the launch countdown, it lines up perfectly […]

The Washington Post: NASA spacecraft sends back signal from most distant object humans have ever explored

I can’t wait until tomorrow to see the high resolution images! “I don’t know about you, but I’m really liking 2019 so far,” the mission’s principal investigator, Alan Stern, joked at a press briefing after the signal was acquired.

What I Wouldn’t Give To Be In Mission Control Tonight!

Guitarist Brian May from the rock band Queen wrote a new song about @NASANewHorizons, and will debut it at mission control in Maryland on New Year’s Eve. May has a doctorate degree in astrophysics and is officially part of the New Horizons team. #UltimaThule #Ultimaflyby — Science News (@ScienceNews) December 31, 2018

NASA Appoints Its First Female Chief Flight Director | A Mighty Girl

“Holly has proven herself a leader among a group of highly talented flight directors,” says Director of Flight Operations Brian Kelly. “I know she will excel in this unique and critical leadership position providing direction for the safety and success of human spaceflight missions. She will lead the team during exciting times as they adapt […]

Voyager 2 Has Left Our Solar System

For the second time in history, a human-made object has reached the space between the stars. Now slightly more than 11 billion miles (18 bil. km) from Earth, @NASAVoyager 2 has now left the Sun's protective bubble & is flying in interstellar space: #AGU18 — NASA (@NASA) December 10, 2018 The @NASAVoyager 2 […]

SpaceX Dragon Resupply Mission (CRS-16)

More sciency stuff from SpaceX this week, though shame on them for cutting the camera away from Stage 1 when it started to lose control on the way back to Earth. Full video is just over half an hour. UPDATE: Elon Musk posted video of Stage 1 stabilizing and making a soft landing in the […]