The Infinity Saga: Iron Man (2008)

The Book Of Marvel – Phase 1, Chapter 1 In the beginning, the Marvel Cinematic Universe was without form and void. And Jon Favreau made Iron Man, and it was so. In the summer of 2008, my wife and I went to a local drive-in theater to check out two movies: Transformers and Iron Man. […]

TIFF Review: ‘Lucy in the Sky’ is an Insufferable Failure on Every Level

I’m not going to quote this review because it is too awesome. — Read on

Was Thor Right to Behead Thanos? | The Legal Geeks

Yep. Thor was the King of Asgard. Thanos butchered Asgardian refugees, killed Heimdall with a spear, and murdered Loki by crushing the life out of him, all in front of Thor. From a purely view of a sovereign defending his kingdom, Thor literally executed a terrorist. However, modern views of law have reservations on targeted killing. […]