It’s time for BYOF (bring your own Fi) | Computerworld

This idea intrigues be greatly. How feasible would it be to require employees who wish to use their personal devices for work to use Google Fi? I’m also interested as I’m looking at Google Fi once my phone is paid off with T-Mobile. Google Fi will greatly reduce costs by putting the burden of managing […]

Marriott data breach: What to do if you were affected – CNN

Fortunately, I don’t have a Marriott account, but I’m sure I’ve stayed at at least one of their properties in the past four years. If you have, as well, you should read this article and take the necessary precautions to minimize anything the hackers could do if they were able to gather your information. Marriott […]

How I Keep Technology From Ruling My Life

Ironic note: I wrote this article entirely on my smartphone. It was originally a comment on a Connie Schultz Facebook post. I am an IT professional. My work computer has SIX monitors so I can have multiple dashboards up showing me the status of my department and our clients. I also own a Samsung Galaxy […]

How To Follow The Australian Open Online

We’re barely halfway through the first month of 2018 and it’s already time for the first Grand Slam tournament of tennis, the Australian Open! As the geeky tennis fan I am, I want to stay on top of the Open as much as possible. While that mainly entails turning on the TV and watching the […]

The First Apps To Install On Your New Android Device

Christmas season has come and gone, but those of us who got new Android devices as gifts now get to play with their toys! For Christmas, I got hold of a Samsung Chromebook Pro. This device has the ability to run Android apps similar to a tablet and is becoming my productivity device of choice […]

Thoughts on Apple and the FBI

Before all of the recent security and privacy hullabaloo between the FBI and Apple, Apple tried to help the FBI. Apple could have recovered the data from the San Bernardino shooter’s phone if it was connected to a known wifi network and allowed to back up to iCloud. The problem is that the FBI told […]

Beware These Facebook Hoaxes

Two Facebook hoaxes are making their regular rounds on people’s profiles today. Before you copy/paste either of those into your status, take a little time to read through these Snopes articles as to why both are false. The first involves a legal disclaimer users are pasting into their status which is supposed to protect their […]