Musk loves his Starlink sat constellation – but astroboffins are less than dazzled by them • The Register

The International Astronomical Union has warned against the rise of satellite constellations in Earth’s night sky, such as SpaceX’s Starlink system, since their brightness and noise could hamper future scientific research. “[We’re] concerned about these satellite constellations,” the union said in a statement this week. “The organisation, in general, embraces the principle of a dark and radio-quiet […]

Facebook ordered to open internal docs for investors livid about losing cash following data slurp scandal • The Register

A court in Delaware has backed investors who want to see internal emails and other documents relating to how Facebook handed data on 50 million users to Cambridge Analytica. The ruling said that shareholders provided enough evidence to support a claim that failures by senior management and board members at the social network may have […]

Steve Jobs: 1984 Access Magazine Interview

This interview of Steve Jobs shortly after Apple released the Macintosh is enlightening for two reasons: 1. Jobs talks about computers going from “tools” to “agents” and presciently describes smart assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Giggles Assistant. 2. The discussion between Jobs and the interviewer about the Silicon Valley work ethic (workaholics vs. people loving […]

FYI: Someone left 24GB of personal info on 80m US households exposed to the public internet • The Register

“It’s clear, after so many incidents, that organizations do not have control over access to their data stored in the cloud,” said Erlin. “It’s not for a lack of tools, but a lack of understanding and implementation of the available tools. If you are storing data in the cloud, you can and should be able […]

America’s anti-hacking laws are so loose, even Donald Trump Jr broke them. So, what do we do about it? • The Register

Before you get ready to rage-tweet or fury-comment, though, you may find the debate is disappointingly reasonable since it is built aroundhow badly written tech law has ended up giving prosecutors too much leeway in deciding when to bring cases and when to let them drop: a situation that everyone should be able to agree is not a […]

The difference between October and May? About 16GB, says Microsoft: Windows 10 1903 will need 32GB of space • The Register

It wouldn’t hurt to do some hard drive cleanup before Microsoft pushes this update out next month. Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10’s voracious appetite for storage remains undiminished in the upcoming May 2019 Update (1903). Noted by Pureinfotech, Microsoft has quietly updated the minimum storage requirements for the OS from 16GB for 32-bit versions and 20GB for […]

Introducing Chatterbox, the smart speaker kids build themselves — Mike Elgan

Most or all of the consumer technology in children’s lives is designed for passive consumption, engineered to be addictive and distracting. Chatterbox is the opposite. It invites active engagement and non-stop learning. — Read on

Schneier: Don’t expect Uncle Sam to guard your web privacy – it’s Europe riding to the rescue • The Register

“The EU is the regulatory superpower on the planet,” Schneier told The Register. “We won’t be regulating surveillance capitalism in the US, it’s too profitable. If you want that done, then look to the EU.” — Read on

Microsoft Outlook hack gave full access to email contents – CNET

If you use Microsoft for your personal email, change your account password IMMEDIATELY. Hackers stole login credentials for a Microsoft customer support agent and were able to read emails from people using services like Outlook, Hotmail and MSN. — Read on

This Is Why I Don’t Buy Digital Online Media

Microsoft has pulled Books from the Microsoft Store and is planning to offer customers who’ve purchased any ebooks via the Store refunds, as their books will no longer be accessible as of July, 2019. — Read on