iOS 13 – One Week Later

It has been a week since I wiped my iPhone Xr and updated it to iOS 13. Since then, I have downloaded a number of apps which I use on a regular basis and (apparently) could not live without for even that short period of time. These are essential apps for me, and I thought […]

iOS 13 – What’s New?

It’s that time of the year again – Apple releasing it’s latest version of the iOS mobile operating system. iOS 13 appeared on my iPhone Xr back on Friday (2019-09-20), and I took the plunge and installed it on my phone yesterday. It’s also the time of year (for me) to do a clean-up of […]

Testing The New iOS 13 Swipe Keyboard

iOS 13 is here and I wasted no time installing it on my iPhone. One of the many features introduced in this version of Apple’s mobile operating system is the ability to swipe between letters on the keyboard instead of tapping on each letter to type. This is a feature which 3rd party keyboards like […]

No Body’s Business But Mine: How Menstruation Apps Are Sharing Your Data | Privacy International

Menstruation apps are not just concerned with your menstruation cycles. As our partner organisation Coding Rights showed in their research, Menstruapps – How to Turn Your Period Into Money (For Others), they collect information about your health, your sexual life, your mood and more – all in exchange for telling you what day of the […]

Why You Should Delete Your (Ancient) Foursquare Data

Remember Foursquare? I used to use it (and the company’s other apps) to keep detailed, digital recordings of everywhere I went, which was the cool thing to do back in 2010. And while I don’t use Foursquare’s Android or iOS apps anymore, I’ve given the company a lot of information about me. Thankfully, it’s easy […]

Lifehacker’s Complete Guide to Data Privacy

Data breaches, social network privacy violations, and Big Brother are just a few of the issues we’re dealing with when it comes to protecting our online identity and privacy. Lifehacker had come to the rescue with a great guide to the many ways you can protect yourself online. Give the guide’s listed articles a read […]

Musk loves his Starlink sat constellation – but astroboffins are less than dazzled by them • The Register

The International Astronomical Union has warned against the rise of satellite constellations in Earth’s night sky, such as SpaceX’s Starlink system, since their brightness and noise could hamper future scientific research. “[We’re] concerned about these satellite constellations,” the union said in a statement this week. “The organisation, in general, embraces the principle of a dark and radio-quiet […]

Facebook ordered to open internal docs for investors livid about losing cash following data slurp scandal • The Register

A court in Delaware has backed investors who want to see internal emails and other documents relating to how Facebook handed data on 50 million users to Cambridge Analytica. The ruling said that shareholders provided enough evidence to support a claim that failures by senior management and board members at the social network may have […]