Episode 2009-4 Feedback

From Brian McBride, this episode’s interviewee:

Hi Kevin,

I just listened to the podcast and it sounds GREAT!!  Thanks so much for putting it together, you’re a real pro and did an awesome job.  Your interview style kept me relaxed and helped me not to stutter too much.  I’m going to share the podcast with friends, family and the LBJCB and LGSD marching band network.  I’m sure they will really enjoy it and hopefully several will put DCP in their ‘favorites’ list as a website they go to regularly.  Of course I also hope that listeners in the drum corps community will take interest in my book and read it.  If they enjoy the story and get inspired about music and band, then I have accomplished what I set out to with this book.

Thanks again Kevin for all the effort, reading my book and then interviewing me. I will keep in touch and certainly let you know when book 2 is ready.

Good luck with DCP and your future podcasts.  I’ll be listening.  Take care, Brian