LGBTQ protections advance in Medina – Medina Gazette

My home town gets it. Ordinance 541.08 amended the codified ordinance of the city to prohibit intimidation on the basis of sex, gender identity or expression, or sexual orientation. Ordinance 717 prohibits discriminatory conduct on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. Until these ordinances are approved, it remains legal to evict […]

The Mueller Report (Audiobook) by Robert S. Mueller III, Special Counsel’s Office U.S. Department of Justice |

Everybody. The Mueller Report is available. Audible has created an audio version of the report and made it available for free. Regardless of your political beliefs, you should download and listen to this report. I am downloading as soon as I finish posting this. — Read on

Fiber: The superfood 95 percent of Americans fail to eat enough of – Vox

Only five percent of Americans meet the recommended fiber target — and that means most miss out on fiber’s benefits. So how can you eat more fiber? Every researcher I spoke to suggested aiming to get a diversity of fiber from a varied menu of whole foods, instead of relying only on supplements or fiber-enriched […]

What Happens to a Factory Town When the Factory Shuts Down? – The New York Times

For more than 50 years, life in Lordstown, Ohio, revolved around the G.M. plant at the edge of town. In March, the plant ceased production. This is what their crisis looks like. — Read on

Federal court rules Ohio congressional maps are unconstitutional – Medina Gazette

A panel of federal judges ruled Friday that Ohio’s congressional districts were unconstitutionally drawn by the Republicans for their political advantage, and it ordered a new map for the 2020 elections. The ruling, if it stands, could prove an important victory for the Democrats, who are hoping redrawn boundaries will not only help them pick […]

Democrats struggle to connect with black voters – The Washington Post

“I was surprised that his staff didn’t have him go back there, or that he didn’t do it on his own,” said Pryce, a former state legislator. “They just need some manners. We’re Southerners. We’re going to serve you something nice. We’re going to be pleasant, but you better believe there’s power in that kitchen.” […]