The September 12th Impeachment Resolution: Legal Cliff Notes – Musing about law, books, and politics

Reminder: due process and procedures take time. Kangaroo Courts can happen quickly and even instantly.  One reason many people prefer autocracy is because an autocrat isn’t hampered by procedure, or checks against his power. — Read on

Pelosi, Impeachment & Democracy v. Autocracy – Musing about law, books, and politics

Democrats are up against an administration obstructing their investigations at every turn. The question is: What should they do about this obstruction? — Read on

A meeting with Jeffrey Epstein led to a gift — and, now, regrets – The Boston Globe

A graduate student, seeing Epstein’s name, flagged him as a potential problem. “Have you read the articles about this Jeff Epstein? He seems pretty shady. . . . Just wanted to point it out in case you weren’t aware,” the student wrote to Oxman, who was in Barcelona at the time. “Joi and I are aware,” Oxman […]

Donald Rumsfeld Plotted Iraq Invasion on 9/11 Without Evidence of Connection

Don’t you wonder if they ever pause on September 11 every year and ponder how they all used the dead of that awful day for their own purposes, to fulfill their long-held desires for empire-building in the countries of oil, to use other people’s children in service of their profane desires? Don’t you wonder if […]

Rebuke to Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Comment to Politico’s “‘Someone’s Gotta Tell the Freakin’ Truth’: Jerry Falwell’s Aides Break Their Silence” Article – World Red Eye | World Red Eye

Basically, DO NOT PISS OFF PHOTOGRAPHERS. We, in fact, did not know Politico’s purpose for licensing the image and were as surprised as anyone to discover that Mr. Falwell was among the partygoers we photographed on July 19, 2014 at WALL Lounge. As a result, we reviewed all the images we have from the event and […]

A Firehose of Falsehoods – Musing about law, books, and politics

George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four showed us why Trump is doing this. “Without truth, we can’t speak truth to power, so there is only power.” — Read on

America Wasn’t A Democracy, Until Black Americans Made It One

The truth is that as much democracy as this nation has today, it has been borne on the backs of black resistance. Our founding fathers may not have actually believed in the ideals they espoused, but black people did. As one scholar, Joe R. Feagin, put it, “Enslaved African-Americans have been among the foremost freedom-fighters […]

Boris Johnson Loses Majority as Phillip Lee Defects Over Brexit

The Labour Party has more backbone than the Democrats right now. Also, I’m enjoying how much Boris the British Fucknut is getting destroyed this week. — Read on