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App Review: AppBrain Android App Marketplace

AppBrain LogoThere’s nothing wrong with Android’s own app marketplace, especially now that Google’s updated the marketplace, making it much more user friendly and accessible on the web. What’s missing, however, is a community which you can access to get great recommendations for apps based on the apps you use, as well as reviews from users which you can use to compare various apps which perform similar functions. The AppBrain Marketplace is here to fill that void.

AppBrain is a free install for your Android phone as well as a website. One of the beauties of AppBrain is that you can sync your installed apps list to your profile on the AppBrain website. By doing this, the AppBrain website can look at your app list, compare it to other users’ lists, and make recommendations for apps which you may find interesting and/or useful. As you install more apps and sync your list on AppBrain, the recommendations become better and better. You can also post your own app reviews, helping other users find apps for their Android phones. Since AppBrain links with your Google account, you don’t need to create an account to participate in the AppBrain community.

One issue I am currently having with AppBrain is the ability to choose an app to install from the website. Each app’s page has an Install button. Clicking on it will add that app to your phone’s install list via the AppBrain app. Unfortunately, when I tried installing an app using this method, the app didn’t show up on my phone via the AppBrain install list. I’ll play with the setup and update this article if I am able to get the function to work. Other than this issue, I think the AppBrain site and app are a great way to find Android apps for your phone that you will use and enjoy.