Another Reason Bing Is No Google

I never use Bing to search the Internet.  Why would I?  Google has provided more than adequate search services to me for years.  Somehow, though, Bing managed to convince me that I should never use their service.

Here’s the deal:  I just finished updating my work calendar with the classes I’m scheduled to teach.  I wanted to make sure my schedule synced to my Google Calendar so I would have access to my schedule outside of work.  I’m doing this on my work PC using Internet Explorer 8 (haven’t installed FireFox or Chrome yet, sorry).  Being Friday and feeling a little lazy, I just type “Google Calendar” in the address bar.  I figure it should bring up search results, the top result of which should be the GCal link.

Here’s what I actually got.

Remember, I said I NEVER use Bing.  Why on earth does Bing think that I’ve “done so much searching lately”?  Also, I have never had to deal with a captcha image when doing a Google search.  This is a total inconvenience for the user (me).

Sorry, you won’t even stay the number two search engine on the internet with this kind of crap.