2011 Three Rivers Summer Music Games

Next week, I’ll get my first taste of live, in my face, outdoor drum corps as I’ll be traveling to Pittsburgh to take in the Three Rivers Summer Music Games. The show begins at 7PM and features five World Class DCI corps:

  • Bluecoats – Canton, OH
  • Boston Crusaders – Boston, MA
  • Glassmen – Toledo, OH
  • Spirit of Atlanta – Atlanta, GA
  • Crossmen – San Antonio, TX

The show is at Baldwin High School (7 miles south of the Liberty Tunnels according to the show website) in Pittsburgh. I’ll be heading to Pittsburgh right after work and driving home as soon as the encore is over. I won’t be staying for scores since I can get those online the following morning (or when I stop for a pee break on the way home).

If you plan on going to this show, let me know in the Comments section below. I’d love to meet up with fellow drum corps fans, especially since I’ll be there purely as a fan myself.

Show website

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