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App Review: PGA Tour (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch)

Tiger Woods has won a tournament for the first time since 2009 and is looking good heading into the Masters in just two weeks. You, being the golf fanatic which you are, HAVE to be able to follow Tiger, Phil, Rory, and all of your favorite golfers no matter where you are. Fortunately, the PGA has your back with excellent apps for both the iPhone and iPad chock full of features you can use to stay on top of their games.

The iPhone app (link) is your pocket PGA friend. You can check the leaderboard of the current tournament, marking players as favorites so their scores show at the top regardless of placement. The Media section offers video highlights, photo albums, and player interviews, as well as live video of certain tournaments. Push notifications are available for end of round and tournament alerts, live video availability, and standings updates. There are also customizable push notifications for up to three players. Information about players, tournaments, and the FedEx Cup are also available.

The iPad app (link) takes everything great about the iPhone edition and makes it even better. The opening screen alone is a glorious overview of the currently running tournament, complete with leaderboard and video (live and highlights), as well as the PGA Twitter feed and weather conditions. Another iPad only feature is an overview of the tournament holes, replete with stats and descriptions about each hole and how players have performed in general.  Unfortunately, the iPad version of the app does not feature push notifications but that is a small price to pay (especially for a free app) considering what the app brings to the table.

The PGA Tour app is free for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad and is well worth the cost. App response was very quick on both small (iPhone 4) and large platforms (iPad 2) and the video, after a second or two of buffering and bandwidth testing, was sharp and smooth. While the Grand Slam tournaments tend to have their own apps with many of the same features, the PGA Tour app is definitely one any golf fan should have in their app collection for year round golf goodness.