To Infinity (Cords) And Beyond! – UPDATED 6/2/12

One of the most memorable moments of the 2011 drum corps season came near the end of the Troopers’ performance of their show, “The Road Home”. Forming an infinity symbol, the brass struck a chord which seemed to go on for just that long, much to the delight of the fans in the stands. The moment was, fittingly, referred to as “The Infinity Chord”.

Performing in the Troopers during that show was 19 year old Maria Brandone. It is safe to say that her experience with the Troopers and memories of The Infinity Chord have left an impact. Even though Maria has moved on to march in Crossmen’s front ensemble for 2012, Maria has found a unique and entrepreneurial way to raise money for tour.

Taking a cue from Lance Armstrong and the LIVESTRONG wrist band, Maria has started an Etsy business called “Infinity Cords”, an obvious play on last year’s Troopers moment. Maria opened her store in September of 2011, shortly after returning from tour, and sells wrist bands featuring college, fashion, and also drum corps related themes. In the case of drum corps, Maria uses corps names and slogans, an example being the Cadets’ FHNSAB (For Holy Name Shall Always Be). Maria appears to have struck a chord of her own because, as of the beginning of March, she has raised over $1600, a significant amount towards her Crossmen tuition and especially impressive considering that is 80% of her profit. Maria’s success has led to her story getting featured on and is definitely a different approach to the fundraising most DCI members do in order to march.

Maria recently went on tour so her Etsy store has scaled back to just donations and sponsorships, but you can still support Maria as she marches in 2012. You can find Maria’s store at You can also catch Maria and the Crossmen on tour this summer. To find a show near you, check out the Crossmen’s schedule on DCI’s website:

UPDATE: Sharon Pearce, mother of a Phantom Regiment marching member, is the proud owner of a BD Infinity Cord. She was kind enough to send me photos of the cord so you could all see what one looks like:

  • anon

    So she is profiting off the moment in one corps to march another? Why not go back to Troop? Was she a tick there?

    • Maybe you should ask her? I posted Crossmen’s tour schedule and she’s on Facebook, so you should be able to do so.

  • Goblet99

    I’d love to see your stuff and order one or more
    My email is
    My daughter is also a corp memeber ……plz let me know how and when they are available again.thxs

    • You’ll want to watch the Etsy site. It’s not my site, just something I found out about and thought was an interesting way to raise money for tour.


    I am also an Etsy shop owner, and found Maria there by chance.  I have helped her promote her bracelets, because you see, I marched Garfield way back in the day and currently tour with Cavies as part of their uniform crew. I thought it was a great idea of hers to fund her dues for 2012 by opening a storefront and working hard.  She deserves all the accolades for taking on a small business along with school, marching and working.  It speaks volumes for drum corps and the character it builds in young people.  Hopefully, she will get mobbed with orders after tour this season to fun next years tour…no matter who she chooses to march with!  I hope to meet her on the road this season 🙂