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At Last, I Can Post With My iPhone Again!

Waaaay back when I was using the free blog service, I also put the iPhone WordPress app to good use. The app allowed me to write and submit my posts on my iPhone, freeing me to blog whenever the heck I felt like it. Of course, I didn’t post a lot then, so the app ended up in the iPhone version of the discount rack, hidden away in the dark recesses of my phone.

Since then, as you can see, I’ve consolidated my blogs and moved them to their current location. I then discovered that WordPress had updated their iPhone app to version 2.0. I immediately downloaded it, only to discover I couldn’t use it. A strange 500 internal server error would pop up every time I connected to the blog with my iPhone.

I let the issue slide for some time. Working two jobs while searching for a new job will do that. Now, though, I have the chance to figure out what the exact issue was.

It turns out to be a simple fix – On the root of my website’s file structure, there is supposed to be a file named .HTACCESS. On my site, there was none. I created the dile on my computer and, before uploading it to my website, added this line of code:

AddType x-mapp-php5 .php

Once I pushed this file up, I was able to use the iPhone app without any problems!

Thanks go out to Jeremy Snyder of for publishing this fix.