Mobile Apps

30 Day Challenge: My Must Have Android Apps, Day 8

Today’s apps are not Indians related. This is a good thing as they are sucking big time right now. Instead, I figured on two apps which are unrelated but both useful in their own ways.

Genius Scan – You have a document which needs to be signed, sealed, and delivered TODAY. Mailing isn’t an option and a picture isn’t good enough. Chances are you don’t carry a fax machine with you, either. Genius Scan has your back. Take a picture of your document with this app, crop out anything that’s not the document, and convert it into a PDF of a scanned document which you can email or upload wherever you need. You can even take the picture at an angle and Genius Scan will adjust the final result as if you shot the picture head on. You can even combine single documents into multiple pages of a single PDF file, perfect for when you have to send back more than just the signed page.

TeamViewer – I sometimes need to access a file or application on my home or work PC. Since I am on the road so much, the best way to do this is via remote access over the Internet. TeamViewer is a service that allows me this access. I install the application on the PCs I want to access remotely, log into each with my free TeamViewer account, log into the account on my TeamViewer app, and I have full access to each PC on my phone. I can control the mouse by sliding my finger on the screen and can even hear the PC’s audio on my phone. Of course, the phone is significantly smaller than my PC screen, but I can zoom in with a pinch of the screen. This app also comes in handy when friends and family need tech support.