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30 Day Challenge: My Must Have Android Apps, Day 9

Today brings another pair of apps which have nothing to do with one another but which I use and need every day

Jump Desktop – Yesterday, I posted a remote access app for when I needed to work on my own PC. Today, I needed to connect to a client’s server. All I had was my phone and my Verizon data plan. I also had Jump Desktop, what may be the best remote access app for Android. Once I entered in the server address, username, and password, I was able to connect with just one tap. I had full mouse and keyboard control of the server with just this little screen. I even had sound although, with a business server, that’s not very useful. I was able to get in, look at the problem, and fix it as if I was in person at the client’s office, very useful for an IT consultant always on the road

Chrome – My phone, the Galaxy Nexus, comes with a web browser. Unfortunately, that browser sucks. Enter Google’s own Chrome web browser, based on the same browser made for PCs. With Chrome, I have access to ask of my bookmarks and web history linked to my Google account. I can open pages already open on my other devices running Chrome. I also have multiple tabs so I can access multiple pages at the same time. It just makes sense to have Chrome running on a Google device.