Mobile Apps

30 Day Challenge: My Must Have Android Apps, Day 11

Today is when I pay the bills and balance the check book. Here are two apps which help me do that.

Chase Bank – Really, I recommend any bank’s mobile app if yours has one and you have a smart phone and/or tablet. I have Chase and use their mobile app on both my phone and tablet. In both cases, I can check my current balances for my checking, savings, and credit card accounts. I can also play bills and transfer money between accounts. With my phone’s camera, I can deposit checks just by snapping pictures of both sides of the check. If I need to hit a Chase ATM or branch office, the app locates the ones closest to my current location. I can then use my phone’s GPS to navigate there. It’s like having my own personal banker in my pocket.

Mint – While the Chase app does a lot for me in terms of maintaining my finances, the Mint app helps me track my finances so I do a better job with them. The Mint service will access all of my financial accounts, including investments, and categorize my spending and income so I can see exactly where my money is going. The app will also alert me when spending in a category is higher than normal and point out ways I can save money. I can even put together a budget plan which Mint can also track and help me stick to