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30 Day Challenge: My Must Have Android Apps, Day 12

My phone comes in very handy when I’m driving. Here are two apps which help.

Waze – I love Google Maps on Android. One thing it is not good at, however, is adjust to traffic on the fly. Never was this more apparent than yesterday morning when I was sitting in almost standstill traffic and I hadn’t even reached the highway. This is where Waze comes in very handy. Waze is a free navigation app with a twist: crowdsourcing. Waze users can report traffic issues they experience. This both alerts other Waze users and allows the service to make adjustments to routes which may be delayed by these traffic problems. The app also monitors the speed which users are going to get a more accurate estimate of how long a trip will take and will even reroute a user if it sees a better route during the trip. Google bought Waze earlier this year so it’s a matter of time until the functionality of Waze moves into Google Maps. Until then, Waze is my GPS app of choice.

GasBuddy – One function Waze has that could use improvement is finding gas stations. Specifically, the pricing of said gas stations. I’ve found the price information in Waze, submitted my users, is either too old and incorrect or just plain missing. As a result, I use the GasBuddy app when I need to fill up the gas tank and want to keep my budget intact. Like Waze, the gas prices in GasBuddy are user reported. Unlike Waze, there are many more users reporting prices, meaning the prices are more accurate. Once I choose the gas station to go to, I can send the address to Waze and get directions. The app is simple to use and free, both excellent selling points.