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SwiftKey Makes Auto Correct Your Friend

swiftkeyThe simple fact that there is a popular website called “Damn You Auto Correct!” tells you all you need to know about the curse that is the auto correction function of your mobile phone or tablet. It doesn’t matter if you use iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, or whatever mobile operating system is out there, there comes a time when you text your parents and the next thing you know they think you’re pregnant when all you were doing was going to the store to buy milk. It’s funny for everybody else but mortifying for the texter.Fortunately, there is a great app which comes to your rescue and actually saves you time typing on your tiny phone screen.

SwiftKey, which is, appropriately enough, from a company called SwiftKey, learns from the way you write to better predict what you’re going to write in the future. By connecting to your email and social media accounts (don’t worry, SwiftKey doesn’t READ anything, just scans your content), the app looks at what you’ve written in the past, including how words are used contextually. SwiftKey can then give you better predictions for what you write. What’s more, SwiftKey also learns what words you tend misspell and correct on your own so it can catch those corrections for you. On top of this, SwiftKey offers a swipe function where you swipe your finger along the keyboard from letter to letter. This is MUCH faster than just tapping away at the screen and is incredibly accurate. Each month, SwiftKey will give you a statistical breakdown of how much time it saves you and how many errors it prevents, giving you a great overview of how well the app works for you.

SwiftKey has been available for Android users for some time but recently created an iOS app, SwiftKey Note, which lets iOS users take notes using similar functionality as the Android app. Unfortunately, due to Apple’s iOS restrictions, the SwiftKey keyboard is only available in the Note app.

SwiftKey is available on the Google Play store for Android users and costs $3.99. Install

SwiftKey Note is available on the iTunes store for iOS users and is free. Install