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Use LastPass To Securely Access Your Passwords Anywhere

image Heartbleed is big in the news right now and, with that, focus towards online security is strong. Websites and online services are getting hacked on a regular basis. As a traveler on the information superhighway, how do you protect yourself from the black hats who want access to your identity and finances? Fortunately, there is an excellent service which is both free and extremely secure.

That service is LastPass, an online password management utility written by programmers who have a strong background in security. With LastPass, you can store login credentials to any website you visit, from Facebook to your bank. All of your logins are encrypted twice. The first time is on your PC or mobile device. Your logins are then uploaded to LastPass’ servers and encrypted a second time. Both layers of encryption are strong, which means that hackers will not gain access to your logins, even if one of those layers of encryption is compromised. What’s more, the LastPass team doesn’t take ANY chances, which they demonstrated by forcing a password reset for all LastPass users when they saw that hackers MIGHT have cracked one of those encryption levels some time ago. No data was insecure or visible as a result.

LastPass is free to use with any Windows, Macintosh, or Linux computer using a supported web browser. A yearly subscription of $12 allows use of their mobile apps on iOS, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone. If you’re not convinced that LastPass is what you need to stay secure online, listen to Security Now episode 256 as security expert Steve Gibson gives an in depth overview of the service and how good it really is.