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Contacts+ Will Be Your Everything (For Your Phone Contacts)


We have contacts everywhere: on our phone, in Facebook, in Twitter, even in an old paper address book we left sitting in a kitchen junk drawer years ago and never look at. Even though it’s the 21st century, when you’d think we’d be organized in the digital world, keeping track of who we want to keep track of has only gotten more confusing and disorganized than ever. It gets even worse when we upgrade our phones and have to transfer everybody we know from one device to the next, using tools that are complex and unreliable to do so.

Fortunately, there is one app to rule all of our contacts, appropriately named Contacts+. Contacts+ does the obvious and lists your phone contacts, whether they’re on your phone itself or synced with your Google or iCloud account. The benefits begin with linking your social media accounts to Contacts+, which will then merge contacts that match to streamline and centralize your contact list. Contacts+ also has its own dialer screen to make calls from and can handle your texts, giving you one place to communicate from with everybody you know. You even get notifications when a contact had a birthday with an option to post to their social media page or send them a text.

Contacts+ is free on iOS and Android