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2014 Preview – Carolina Crown

2014 Program – Out Of This World

Musical Selections:
Space Oddity by David Bowie
Interstellar Suite by Amin Bhatia
Shadow Behind The Iron Sun by Evelyn Glennie
There’s No Place Like Home by Michael Giacchino
Major Tom by Peter Schilling (music), David Lodge (lyrics)
Perihelion by Philip Sparke
Vitae Aeternum by Paul Lovatt-Cooper

It seems as if Carolina Crown considers geeks their demographic when designing shows. In 2012, the theme of “For The Common Good” had a definite superhero vibe, complete with guard uniforms with cowls hiding their identity during the first half of the show. Last year, the focus moved to Einstein, stream of consciousness, and wormholes (and their first DCI World Class Championship) with “e=mc2”. Of course, once you’ve one your first title, the only way to look is up. In this case, Crown does so literally with their 2014 program, “Out Of This World”.

From a musical selection standpoint, this show has a lot of everything. Amin Bhatia’s “Interstellar Suite”, first performed by Spirit of Atlanta in 1989, has been used multiple times in the drum corps activity, most recently by the 2010 DCI Open Class champions, Blue Devils B, as well as by the 2013 Atlanta CV all-age corps. Popular music is something Crown has never shied away from and this year is no exception with David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” and Peter Schilling’s “Major Tom”. The real insanity may come from Paul Lovatt-Cooper’s “Vitae Aeternum” as there are moments in this piece which exemplify the brass band tendency of cramming in as many notes as possible while performing them at extremely high tempos. The last two minutes just scream Carolina Crown brass line:

One other selection comes into play – Dame Evelyn Glennie’s “Shadow Behind The Iron Sun”. Dame Evelyn is aware that Crown will perform her music this year and has acknowledged so via her Facebook page:

I think it’s safe to say that Carolina Crown is doing everything they can to live up to this year’s theme.

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