My iPhone Experiment – TWiT Radio

Another app need came up this evening as I needed to drive to the store and to the Chinese restaraunt to pick up dinner. I make a point to never listen to terrestrial radio when driving, preferring to listen to my own music, audiobooks, or podcasts. Unfortunately, one of my stipulations for this experiment is that I won’t sync my iPhone with a computer, meaning that I have nothing to listen to on my phone.

I’m not going to start ordering music for a fifteen minute drive. I could select podcasts to listen to, but they take time to download and, if they’re over 10MB, AT&T won’t allow the download to take place. My options are limited, but I do have a solution from my favorite podcast network.

The TWiT Radio app, a free download, plays the live audio stream from the This Week in Tech podcast network, hosted by tech guru Leo Laporte. The app is very dependable, streaming without interruption under wi-fi, 3G, and EDGE data connections. The app also shows the broadcast schedule from Google Calendar, although the connection to Gcal was broken when I downloaded. If that isn’t enough, there is also access to the TWiT chat room and the ability to listen to previously released shows. You may also notice the phone button on the main screen. This button will call the number for Leo Laporte’s weekly radio show, The Tech Guy, so you can ask Leo a tech question during the show.