My iPhone Experiment – Grocery Gadget

Each weekend, I head out to the local grocery store (and sometimes Target) to restock the fridge and pantry for the upcoming week. You might not expect the iPhone to come in handy here…Wait, of course you do. It’s the iPhone, after all, and, yes, there is an app for that.

Grocery Gadget is a $4.99 app which you can use to put together multiple shopping lists. The app syncs with the app’s website, allowing you to create your shopping lists on the site or on one iPhone, then access it on another iPhone. My wife, for example, just created this week’s shopping list on her laptop. My iPhone is linked to our Grocery Gadget group, so, once I start the app, I pull down that list to my phone. I can then add, edit, or remove items on the list, like the cat litter I need to add since it’s time to clean out the cat boxes.

Once I’m at the store, I have the option to view the shopping list by alphabetical order, categorical order, or a “smart” order which will sort the list based on the order I usually check items off the list when I shop. Yes, Grocery Gadget learns how you shop and sorts your grocery list accordingly. You can also include notes and photos of the items on the list for people like me who can’t tell the difference between parsley and cilantro. Future releases will feature bar code scanning, meaning you can add pickles to the list by scaning the code on the old jar right before throwing it out.

One unexpected bonus to the app are the tutorial videos. Watch the most unlikeliest couple as they snark their way through using the Grocery Gadget app. The laughs as you learn are a free undocumented feature and something you need to watch.