My iPhone Experiment – Toodledo

While I have been extremely happy with my move to the iPhone, there are a few missing functions which I enjoyed while on Windows Mobile. One of those functions was task management. I am a heavy task tracker ever since I discovered the Tasks area of Microsoft Outlook and loved that Microsoft’s ActiveSync technology would sync my tasks with my PDA or smartphone. Unfortunately, there is no built-in task synchronization with the iPhone. Of course, with the iPhone, there is always a solution. It’s just a matter of finding the right one.

When I made the move to the iPhone, I also began to look for web versions of the various Outlook functions I employed. Google Calendar syncs with the iPhone and Outlook, so I easily moved my events and appointments to the cloud. Gmail handles contacts, so Google saved my bacon twice. Tasks, however, required me to look elsewhere. I quickly came upon a web service known as Toodledo.

Toodledo is a free website with extra functionality available under paid subscription. For me, though, the free functionality was perfect. I could organize my tasks by folders (categories), enter start and due dates, prioritize tasks, and create recurring tasks for things which occurred on a regular basis. Toodledo also featured an iPhone friendly version of their website, but I wanted something I could use offline, in case AT&T’s service failed me.

Toodledo again came to the rescue with their own iPhone app. All of the functionality of the Toodledo website is available in the app. I can create, edit, remove, and complete tasks with ease. I can do all of this in portrait or landscape mode. I can access my various task folders with just a few taps. I don’t even need a Toodledo account – the app will function as a standalone service.

The Toodledo app normally costs $3.99, although sales do occur. The price of the app, though, is well worth the rewards. If you are a productivity nut like me, you definitely want this app on your iPhone.