I was experiencing issues with the FloMarching feed from tonight’s DCI Southeastern regional. At around 7 PM Eastern, I sent an email, per FloMarching’s recommendation, to their support, explaining the problems I was having and, well requesting support.

Some of the problems I experienced tonight:

  • Getting a “Sorry, there was an unkown error with the video media.” error (and, yes, “unkown” was spelled like that) on the multi-cam feed, sometimes 4-5 times during a single corps performance.
  • Later in the night, multiple times where the multi-cam feed rebuffered, again sometimes during the same performance
  • The video freezing on the high cam feed.

These all happened on a Roku Premiere with the FloSports app and an Internet connection which averaged 85 Mbps down, more than enough to handle a live stream

I heard nothing from them the rest of the night, had more problems with the live stream, and, at 10:45 PM Eastern, sent the following email:


I sent my request to you almost four hours ago, during a live event. I have received NO SUPPORT whatsoever and now I am experiencing significant issues with both the multi-cam and high cam feeds. If I do not receive a response by the end of tonight’s webcast, I am requesting immediate cancellation of my account and a pro-rated refund of my subscription. This is unacceptable support. If I treated my clients like this, my company would be shut down and defending lawsuits.

Kevin Gamin

Again, no response.

I’ve cancelled my subscription. Looks like the only way I’ll experience DCI, BOA, and WGI is live and in person.

The problem wasn’t even that I was experiencing problems. The problem was the complete radio silence from FloMarching support. That’s horrible and unacceptable customer service. As I stated in my email, I would lose business and my company would be out of business in no time if we treated our clients like that.

Well, FloMarching just lost my business, and I’m sure I’m not the only one based on the many complaints I’ve seen throughout the season.

If you haven’t signed up for FloMarching yet, I would recommend you stay that way. Save your money and your state of mind.

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