My iPhone Experiment – AccuWeather

Billy Joel sang that a Storm Front was coming. Stephen King wrote about The Storm of the Century. George Clooney experienced The Perfect Storm. Right now, I’m getting dumped on with snow and don’t know if any of the above apply to my current situation. Thanks to the AccuWeather iPhone app, I’ll know more than I want to know about the weather happening to me.

The great thing about the AccuWeather app is that you don’t have to do any setup to use it. Just start the app and, on the main screen, tap the target button. The app will use your phone’s GPS to locate you (and will do so automatically from then on), then display your current weather conditions.

There’s much more to the app than current weather conditions. After all, how can teachers anticipate possible snow days without extended forcasts? AccuWeather has you covered. You also get radar, still and animated, video weather reports from AccuWeather meteorologists, weather alerts from the National Weather Service, and risk alerts warning you when the probability of high or severe weather conditions over the next few days is strong. You can also set fixed locations in the app so you can see how warm and sunny it is in Hawaii while you shiver away in Cleveland.

Just so you know, I am currently NOT in a storm front, perfect storm, or storm of the century. Thanks to the AccuWeather app, I DO know that I’ll need to wake up early so I can plow the driveway and get to work on time. Thanks, AccuWeather!