My iPhone Experiment -PocketMoney

Every two weeks, after I receive my pay check, it’s time to do what most people can’t stand – pay the bills. I’m going to become unpopular very fast because, I must admit, I actually enjoy this little ritual. I always feel a sense of satisfaction as I handle my fiscal responsibility, checking off these items from my to-do list, and knowing how fortunate I am to be able to afford to do this.

For years, I’ve used Quicken, first on the Macintosh, then on Windows, to track my finances. Quicken, however, is not compatible with any iPhone finance apps, at least not to the level I would like. Fortunately, I have found an app which has completely replaced Quicken and allows me to track my finances all on my phone.

Catamount Software’s PocketMoney has been around for years on portable devices, starting way back with the Apple Newton. They’ve taken all of their experience developing for mobile platforms and put together a killer finance app for the iPhone. I can track just about any type of financial account (cash, checking, savings, credit) with the app. Entering new transactions just takes a few steps and is made quicker by PocketMoney’s ability to remember frequent transactions and autofill fields for those transactions. When it comes time to balance the checkbook, I can filter my checkbook view to see just the unreconsiled transactions, which I can then compare with my bank statement. I haven’t even gotten to use the robust reporting and budgeting features in the app, but other users rave about them.

When it comes time to backup and/or restore my data, I have two options – send a backup file of my database via email or over wi-fi. The wi-fi option requires a free Java application on the computer called SyncDocs, but works flawlessly with ease. Restores can only be done via wi-fi

My only complaint about the app is that I can’t download transactions from my bank to automatically reconsile my account, something I used all the time in Quicken. It’s a smal quibble, though, as the functionality of PocketMoney is more than worth the $4.99 price tag. I now have my finances at my fingertips and can be fiscally responsible wherever I go.

P.S. No photos of this app as I don’t want to share my finances with the rest of the world.