My iPhone Experiment – Chase Mobile

Earlier, I showed you the app I use to track my finances, PocketMoney. Now that I’m actually PAYING my bills, it’s time to find apps which will let me do that. One such app is the Chase Mobile app.

If you have a Chase bank account or credit card, this app will come in very handy. You will, though, need to set up a Chase Mobile account online, but it is free and secure to do so. Once you have, you just start the app up and log in. You can then look at your account information and even pay your bill, either by transferring from your Chase account to your Chase credit card, or by setting up Bill Pay with your non-Chase bank account.

I have a Chase credit card and found this app easy to use, especially since my bank’s website does not give me access to bill payin functionality on the mobile version of their site. I’ll be looking for similar apps which will let me pay my bills so I can do so without starting my laptop or netbook.