My iPhone Experiment – Facebook 3.1

It’s been over a week since I wiped my iPhone and started fresh. I’ve been going through social media withdrawl ever since. It has now come time to fix this glaring emptiness in my life.

OK, now that you’re all either laughing your heads off or questioning my sanity…

There are four social media outlets worth mentioning, at least here in the U.S. I’ll look at each one individually. First up, the biggest of them all, the one which, with all of it’s members, could form one of the largest countries on Earth. You got it, we’re talking Facebook.

The timing is actually very good as Facebook recently pushed out version 3.1 of their iPhone app. Version 3 was already impressive as it gave you most of the functionality of the website, including chat, comments, and mobile photo uploads. There are many Facebook users who find they don’t even need to access the website due to how well this app works.

With the update to 3.1, Facebook users now two new functions: push notification and contact sync. With push notification, you can now find out instantly when you receive friend requests or repsonses to comments you’ve made. With contact sync, Facebook will sync your contact photos with your iPhone. Note that this will only sync photos with contacts in both Facebook and your iPhone.

The app is very stable and quick. You get updates to your news feed in just a few seconds. You also have the option to view a live news feed, similar to the website. All that remains is to add profile editing and I’ll do all my Facebooking from my iPhone.