We’re barely halfway through the first month of 2018 and it’s already time for the first Grand Slam tournament of tennis, the Australian Open! As the geeky tennis fan I am, I want to stay on top of the Open as much as possible. While that mainly entails turning on the TV and watching the actual matches, I’m not always going to be home or, for that matter, where a television is. Fortunately, there are many ways to follow the Australian Open and tennis in general online.

  • Mobile
    • Australian Open Tennis 2018 (Free on iOS and Android)
      Each of the tennis Grand Slam events puts out their own dedicated mobile app. Even though all of them are developed by IBM, the quality of each varies. Fortunately, the Australian Open’s app is very well designed and also went through a nice redesign for 2018. With this app, you can follow the latest news, check scores and schedules, receive notifications related to your favorite players, and even listen to Australian Open Radio (tennis on the radio is much more exciting than you think). This is the only app specific to the event, so install this app for sure.
    • ATP/WTA Live (Free on iOS and Android)
      This app is very simple in that it provides schedules and scores for all ATP and WTA events throughout the year. While Grand Slams are not covered in this app, this is a great way to follow tournaments throughout the season, especially those warm-up tourneys leading up to each Grand Slam event.
    • ESPN (Free on iOS and Android) and Tennis Channel (Free on iOS and Android)
      There are two reasons you would want either of these app. The first is to follow their tennis news coverage. The other is so you can watch Australian Open matches. I’ll be honest – I don’t even pay attention to cable sports stations any other time except for when they’re broadcasting the Grand Slams. You do need a cable provider login that allows you to stream these channels (my provider, Armstrong, does) but there is no cost related to the app itself. Tennis Channel does offer a “Tennis Channel Everywhere” subscription service if you don’t have Tennis Channel or cable, but the subscription isn’t needed if you do.
    • TuneIn Radio (Free on iOS and Android)
      While the Australian Open app gives you access to Australian Open Radio, the audio stream in the app has a couple issues. If you switch between wi-fi and mobile broadband, the stream stops, which can be an issue while driving. Also, if you’re driving an Android Auto or Apple Car Play vehicle, the app does not interface with those environments. TuneIn Radio, however, can, and the stream will resume when interrupted. I use TuneIn to listen to all of the Grand Slam radio streams and have used it for other live streams like the TWiT Network. There is a pro version which eliminates ads and unlocks other features, but the ads themselves are unobtrusive and the basic app functions are more than enough for my use.
  • Web
  • Social Media
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