For the first time since 2014, they’re putting the corps back together! Mark your calendars for June 2nd, grab your horns, drums, flags, rifles, and sabers, and get ready for a day of Statesmen Style fun!

From Facebook:

As we prepare for the reunion & parade that is only ONE month away we are asking you to plan the following:
Everyone taking part in the parade (and by the way we want everyone in the parade even support staff) we ask that you wear black shorts or black pants. David and I are taking care of purchasing the 2018 Empire Statesmen Reunion T-Shirts that you’ll wear in the parade. There were many people that I ran into over the winter at both Percussion & Guard shows where I heard “Yes I’m going to the reunion” but I do not see many of you on the google survey report.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fill out the survey so we can get a count for both food and how many shirts we need to order!
Reach out to your friends and ask them to help make this special and fun! We’d love to have 100 strong marching down the street. We are at like 55 now!…/1FAIpQLSezASh0q8TNdpG4v…/viewform…

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