My iPhone Experiment – Twitbird Pro

In my last experiment post, I reviewed the latest version of Facebook’s iPhone app, the first of a series of reviews dedicated to social media on the iPhone. Today’s review moves to the other big name in social media: Twitter.

Unlike other social media sites, Twitter does not have it’s own proprietary app to access their services. Instead, there are many 3rd party apps, each with it’s own list of functions and features. Some are free, while some cost money. The hard part is figuring out which app to download.

My advice in situations like this is to do you research, boh on Google and in the App Store. Check out the free apps first. You can download multiple apps for Twitter and take them for a test drive to figure out if they do all you want them to. If a free app takes care of your Twitter jones, great! There are many strong Twitter apps which cost nothing to use. Don’t be afraid, though, to look at a paid app or two if the features they offer are strong and user reviews are positive.

I was able to cheat a little when I did my Twitter app hunt. During my search, I came across Twitbird Peo, which normally costs $2.99. When I found it, though, Twitbird Pro was free as part of a promotion. I downloaded it and discovered that my search was over.

Twitbird Pro is a very feature rich app. You can set up multiple Twitter accounts, read and tweet in portrait or landscape mode, look at web links in the built-in browser or save them for later, manage and follow Twitter lists, post photos to Twitter via…the list goes on and on.

If you’d like to check out Twitbird but don’t want to spend the money, there is a free ad supported version you can download and test drive first. There is also Twitbird Premium, which has fewer features than Pro and costs $1.99. I highly recommend the app and will probably never go to the Twitter website again because of it.