My iPhone Experiment – MySpace

Yes, I am going to write something positive about MySpace. You remember MySpace, don’t you? They were the big social networking site that bridged the gap between Friendster and Facebook. The pages could be designed many different ways, usually with 3rd party code hacks and always with the artistic style of a 2nd grader.

Well, don’t look now, but the MySpace iPhone app is, dare I say it, pretty good. You can view just about everything related to your profile that you can on the website, including comments from friends, photos, mail, and friend requests. The app even has the People You May Know section, showing you potential friends of yours also on MySpace which you haven’t connected with yet. Facebook’s app doesn’t have that yet, surprisingly.

Personally, most of my friends have made the move to Facebook. I even think MySpace will be lucky to survive 2010, thanks to the raging success of Facebook and Twitter. Still, it’s another way to keep in touch with people you know, and the iPhone app does a very strong job of making that easy to do on your phone.