My iPhone Experiment – Dropbox

One utility on my computer that I can’t live without is Dropbox. Basically, you install the program on each of your computers. Then, any file you “drop” in the “box” is synced to the cloud AND to every other computer on your account. I’ve found it so much easier to move files from one machine to another, plus I can put files in my Dropbox that I need to access from any of my computers. Unfortunately, my iPhone has felt pretty left out of the party. UNTIL NOW!!!

Introducing the Dropbox iPhone app. This app gives me full access to every file in my account. Since the iPhone can view Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat files, I can view these files in my Dropbox. I can also email them to anybody I wish. If the file is a media file and is compatible with the iPhone, I can play it. Imagine having a folder of your favorite music available to play at any time (as long as you have a data connection), not taking up space on your phone. I also have the ability to add photos and videos (3GS only) taken with my iPhone to my Dropbox.

The Dropbox app is very versitle and useful, even on an iPhone. I’d like to see if I can access and edit the Office files using an app like Documents To Go, as file editing is not an option. Regardless, there are many times when I wish I could review a doc but don’t have my computer handy. Dropbox takes care of that.