My iPhone Experiment – AT&T MyWireless Mobile

Yesterday was payday again for me, which also means it’s time to pay some bills. As with the previous bill time, I’ve looked for options to pay my bills using my iPhone. It should come as no surprise that AT&T supplies an iPhone app which does just that. In fact, the MyWireless Mobile app does a lot more to help you maintain your cell phone account.

There are three main sections to the app: Bill & Pay, Usage, and Features. The Bill & Pay section will allow you to view a summary of your bill as well as a PDF of your full monthly bill. You also have the option to pay your bill directly from your bank account (you’ll need to enter your bank info to do so). The Usage section will show you how many minutes you’ve used in both voice and data sections. You can also view a group section if you’re on a family plan to see the total usage for your account. The Features section will not only allow you to view what features are on your account (ex. Data plan), it will also allow you to add/change/remove features, for yourself and for anybody else on your account.

The myWireless Mobile app gives you full control of your AT&T account, allowing you to monitor, adjust, and pay for your iPhone usage. The app runs smoothly and let me pay my bill with just a short setup of my bank account info. It’s also nice to see how much data I’ve used this month as “unlimited” in the cell phone world really means “5GB/month MAX”. While I have issues with the phone service, I have no problems with this app.