My iPhone Experiment – LastPass

If you’re like me, you probably peruse a lot of websites, some of them on your iPhone. Considering that a lot of those sites requires a login of some type, how do you keep track of all of them? You definitely don’t want to use the same password over and over as that just opens you up to hackers. LastPass will do everything you want and more.

LastPass started out as a service for your computer web browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome). You install the toolbar or extension for the paricular browser. At each site you visit, LastPass will fill in the correct login and, if you choose, automatically log you into the site. LastPass can also randomly generate passwords for new sites you sign up on or as replacement passwords for your current logins.

The iPhone app, which is free to download but requires a premium LastPass account ($12), does the same as it’s full-sized counterpart. Unfortunately, LastPass is unable to access Safari, so the app includes it’s own browser. You also get a set of bookmarklets for Safari which give you limited LastPass abilities, mainly for filling in forms and logins.

The beauty of this app is that you can easily access all of your website accounts on your iPhone. Google, Amazon, Twitter – just a simple touch of the LastPass screen gets you in. On top of all that, LastPass encrypt your password list, both on your end and on the LastPass server, ensuring that your logins as completely secure.