My iPhone Experiment – LinkedIn

I’ve been remiss in reviewing the last of the four social media “giants” for the iPhone – LinkedIn. Part of the reason is due to the discovery of some great apps which I wanted to pass on to you as soon as possible. Unfortunately, another reason is because there are some issues with the LinkedIn iPhone app which are not resolved at the time of this article.

LinkedIn is the professional’s answer to Facebook and MySpace. Instead of connecting with your friends or promoting your band, you connect with co-workers and business partners, past and present. In the same way that you would network with fellow professionals at a conference, you connect to these people as a means of getting your name out there, either to further your career or to further your business.

The iPhone app recently underwent a major upgrade and, like the Facebook and MySpace apps, allows you to access many of the functions you would normally use on the site. You are able to update your status, see updates from connectd LinkedIn members, check your inbox, invite people to join your netwok, and respond to invitaions sent to you.

One particular app function is a welcome addition and makes business cards a little more obsolete. With the InPerson function, you and another iPhone user with the LinkedIn app installed can trade contact information over Bluetooth. No need to email or type the information in, jus let the app do all the work. This is a great feature and, as far as I know, only available on the iPhone at this time.

Unfortunately, there are some issues with the app. The Reconnect section, for example, has a bug which does not allow you to invite somebody off the Someone You May Know list. Also, you can’t invite anybody to join your netwok from their profile. You have to manually type the invitation in the Invite section of the app. Despite these issues, the LinkedIn iPhone app is still quite useful and worh adding to your app library.