2019 Winking Lizard World Tour Of Beers

2019 Winking Lizard World Tour Of Beers

Every year, a local bar franchise, The Winking Lizard, holds a “World Tour of Beers“. The idea is simple: Drink at least 100 unique beers on their tour list and you earn a custom tour finishers jacket. If you make it to 150 unique beers, you also earn a hoodie.

I’ve earned the jacket the last four consecutive years. This year, I’m going for the hoodie.

Fortunately, I don’t have to drink all of the beers at the Lizard as I am able to purchase bottles of beer on the tour list which I can then take home. If I average two beers a week at the bar and then take home a six pack of tour beer a month, I should get well past that 150 mark by the end of 2019.

I’ll check the beers I drink into Untappd, a great social media service for beer drinkers, as well as track them here on my website.

If you live in Northeast or Central Ohio, find a local Winking Lizard and join me on the tour! If you’re visiting the Medina area, I’m more than happy to buy you a round or two to help me along. 😁

If you’re already on the tour, comment below and let me know which Lizard location you patronize and when you like to go.