2019 Drum Corps Season

2019 Drum Corps Tour

UPDATED 5/22/19 – The first Drum Corps World review assignments are out. I have updated my schedule below to show the reviews AND Drum Corps Planet live coverage I’ll be providing this summer. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates as the schedule is further finalized.

Now that I follow and attend indoor events during the winter and spring, there is a sense of withdrawal which takes place between WGI Championships and the start of the drum corps season. Fortunately, that period is only for a couple months, but it’s still there. In order to get myself psyched for the upcoming season, I love to plan out what shows I will go to throughout the summer for both DCI and DCA. That plan is what you see on this page.

Note that at least some of these shows will also feature live coverage by me for Drum Corps Planet and/or a show review by me for Drum Corps World. There may also be a few other things in the works as well which I am not at liberty to discuss at this time. I will update this list with which shows get what coverage from me.