2019 Indoor Season

Marching Roundtable 799: WGI 2019 Winds Wrap-Up

Thank you to Tim Hinton and Marching Arts Education for having me as a guest on episode 799 of the Marching Roundtable podcast. This episode looked back at the 2019 Winter Guard International Winds World Championships which took place in April in Dayton, Ohio.

We talked about some of the excellent performing winds units which participated in the weekend, but there were many, many more performances which we simply did not have time to talk about. If you were not able to make it to Winds championships this year, make sure you get there in 2020. The Winds activity is coming into its own and this is a great time to watch the activity grow and mature.

I also mentioned the photos I took during the weekend as a member of WGI’s social media team. Here are links to my Smugmug photo albums from Winds Prelims and Finals. Please feel free to look through them. If you’d like to share photos online, please give me credit and share it with me as well.

Episode 799

2019 WGI Winds Prelims:
2019 WGI Winds Finals