2019 Baseball Tour – Lake County vs. Lansing

I’m a little late, but I got here just in time to see the Captains take the lead! 2-0 in the first!

A traditional baseball meal, made even better because it’s Buck Monday at Classic Park.

Between the 4.4 earthquake and the weather, this is definitely not a typical Ohio June day.

Well, that didn’t take long. Lansing gets three in the top of the second and now leads 3-2.

While I was fighting with my camera’s Bluetooth connection to my phone, the Captains scored five more runs in the second to take a 7-3 lead! Nothing since then and we’re now in the fifth inning.

Lake County scores two more! 9-3 in the sixth!

2019 Lake County Earthquake. We will rebuild.

The view from Ray’s Landing.

The Music Settlement singing Take Me Out To The Ball Game.

And now we’re just walking runs in. 10-4 Captains after 7.

15 mile an hour winds without gusts tonight. It’s definitely made defense interesting.


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