2019 Baseball Tour

2019 Baseball Tour – Cleveland Vs. Philadelphia

You know it’s a big game when the Goodyear blimp is in flight.

It’s a well designed stadium when this is the view from the SRO seats.

My traditional Brew Kettle Kitka.


You can’t have a hot dog or a brat without the classic ballpark mustard.

My view for tonight’s game.


Welcome to Cleveland, Bryce. Now, SIDDOWN! #strikeout

Not even an out and we’re on the board!

And now it’s 2-0!

Cleveland picks up in the 2nd where it left off and makes it 3-0!

Mercado slides in to make it 4-0, though Santana is caught in a run down to end the inning.

One of these statues is doing their own thing…

Philadelphia already pulled their startee Smyly. It’s the 3rd.

This is Bryce Harper’s walk of shame as he strikes out again.

Man, I walk away to get fries and Philadelphia gets on the board.

Ketchup got what was coming to him.

Strikeout #7 for Bieber!

The good news is that you’re not getting pulled if only a couple infielders come to the mound.

Philadelphia intentionally walks Lindor, and Mercado makes them pay. 5-2!

Shane Biwber exits after 7 1/3 innings. Oliver Perez comes in to take on Bryce Harper.

I stand for Cookie!