2007 Cadets Review – DCI Fan Network Finals Video

2007 Show Concept:  This I Believe. Truth, Value and the Personal Experience Called Drum Corps 2007 Repertoie: Symphonic MovementBlue Shades AmazonAdiemus: Cantata II Amazon Show information courtesy of corpsreps.com The corps starts spread out on the field on every yard line, forming a giant block.  The horns start backfield and open with the opening chords […]

2007 Blue Devils Review – DCI Fan Network Finals Video

2007 Show Concept:  Winged Victory 2007 Repertoie:Bird and Bela in B Flat (2nd Movement)Celebrare CeleberrimeIntroduction to Rite of SpringPegasus AmazonFirebird Suite AmazonThe Kiss  Show information courtesy of corpsreps.com The show opens with the horns spread out in a large open block rectangle.  The guard is spread out in front of the block in a wing […]

2008 Phantom Regiment Show Review

2008 Program:Spartacus 2008 Repertoire:SpartacusEin HeldenlebenBattlefield (from KA)Dance of Exstasy from (Danses Fantastiques)Toccata (from Piano Concerto No. 1) The show begins with the corps in full character – Horns and percussion as Romans, guard as chained slaves. A trumpet fanfare from Ein Heldenleben starts the show, leading into the main Spartacus theme we all know and […]

2008 Cadets Show Review

2008 Program:…And The Pursuit Of Happiness 2008 Repertoire:American ElegyNitroRound 4VesuviusApollo Unleashed This year’s Cadets program is essentially an episode of “This American Life” distilled into 11 1/2 minutes. The pre-show setup even includes radio “promo” announcements telling you to stay tuned for tonight’s episode. The corps begins along the sidelines and end zone lines of […]

2008 Carolina Crown Show Review

2008 Program:Finis 2008 Repertoire:CandideToccata and Fugue in D minorBarber of SevilleNinth Symphony (Ode to Joy)Mid Summer Night’s Dream #9Suite Bergamasque (Claire De Lune)One Hand One Heart (from West Side Story)Somewhere (from West Side Story)Hngarian RhapsodyFestive Overture1812 OvertureAppalachian SpringHallelujah Chorus The corps begins at the end – the end to the Candide overture, playing it backfield […]