2019 Shoremen Brass Classic LIVE! From The Stands Coverage

Join me for my Drum Corps Planet LIVE! From the Stands coverage of tonight’s Shoremen Brass Classic DCI Open Class competition, hosted by the Avon Lake High School band program!


2019 Saints Showcase Review

My review of the 2019 Saints Showcase is now available in the July 26th edition of Drum Corps World. Enjoy!


2019 Legends Drum Corps Invitational LIVE! From The Stands Coverage

Follow my LIVE! From the Stands coverage of tonight’s Legends Drum Corps Invitational DCI Open Class competition on Drum Corps Planet!


The House has already opened an impeachment investigation against Trump – The Washington Post

The lesson is clear. Consistent with its “sole Power of impeachment,” and its prerogative to “determine the Rules of its Proceedings,” the House can launch impeachment investigations in many ways. It most often does so through its judiciary committee, either based on the committee’s own actions or a resolution directed to the committee; it may also pass — but isn’t required to — a resolution directing the committee to investigate grounds for impeachment.

That constitutional precedent allows only a single conclusion: The committee is engaged in impeachment proceedings and is entitled to access the grand jury material that it has requested.

— Read on www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/2019/07/26/house-has-already-opened-impeachment-proceedings-against-trump/