Tennis has a Justin Gimelstob Problem – Catherine Prendergast – Medium

2008. That should have been it for Justin Gimelstob, forever. After all, the man has amassed zero singles ATP titles: That’s zero Grand Slams, zero Masters 1000, zero 250 events. The trophies he does have are in doubles, courtesy of a brief partnership with Venus Williams. Despite his undistinguished record, despite his controversial baggage, he continued to rise in tennis: He landed a coveted and well-compensated position as a commentator for the Tennis Channel. He landed a coaching job with number one American player John Isner. He was elected to the ATP Player’s Council, a post which indicates the approbation of his peers.

While holding such positions, he was arrested on felony battery charges for a Halloween assault on his ex-wife’s friend, hitting him fifty times. His ex-wife had previously charged Gimelstob with domestic violence in seeking a restraining order against him. Suddenly, it was more than Gimelstob’s mouth getting him in trouble.

SpaceX Dragon Resupply Mission (CRS-16)

More sciency stuff from SpaceX this week, though shame on them for cutting the camera away from Stage 1 when it started to lose control on the way back to Earth. Full video is just over half an hour.

UPDATE: Elon Musk posted video of Stage 1 stabilizing and making a soft landing in the Atlantic Ocean! The Falcon9 stage is recoverable as a result.

Another video courtesy of Elon Musk, this time from land:

George H.W. Bush & Over Honoring Presidents | National Review

I agree with this article completely. We founded this country because we did not want to be ruled by a king, yet we treat our presidents, past and present, as if they were royalty.

Why? Irrespective of whether he was a great man or a poor one, George H. W. Bush was a public employee. He was not a king. He was not a pope. He did not found or save or design the republic. To shut down our civil society for a day in order to mark his peaceful passing is to invert the appropriate relationship between the citizen and the state, and to take yet another step toward the fetishization of an executive branch whose role is supposed to be more bureaucratic than spiritual, but that has come of late to resemble Caesar more than to resemble Coolidge.

Source: George H.W. Bush & Over Honoring Presidents | National Review

The Indians Are in a Bad but Enviable Position | FanGraphs Baseball

Jeff Sullivan is one half of the Effectively Wild podcast and is a great baseball analyst and writer. I really like his speculation in this Fangraphs article about what Cleveland may be up to this off-season and what the front office’s motives are as the hot stove heats up.

I actually wonder if payroll isn’t the primary driver here. I wonder if payroll is secondary, behind the above. The above might just be harder to explain in a press conference. The Indians are already projected to have cut opening-day payroll by 12%. That seems like it should be good enough, if the team really does need to cut costs. Trading a starter would trim payroll further, but the farm system would improve. A team like the Indians always needs a good farm.

Maybe the real tell would come after. If the Indians traded one of their starters, we could then check to see whether they reinvest those savings in short-term improvements, behind the plate, in the outfield, or in the bullpen. Then we’d know this was at least as much about extending the window. Taking advantage of the opportunity the rest of the AL Central has provided.

Elegy for ’18 – Cleveland Indians | FanGraphs Baseball

The elephant in the room is how much the forecast for 2019 changes as deals are made. Will we have Bauer and/or Kluber when Spring Training rolls around?

Coming off three consecutive division wins and a World Series appearance that fell short of the championship by a single run, this offseason has started differently, with the Indians talking about trading a piece or two from their core. In a weak division with two teams rebuilding, a third team with some big holes left to fill, and a fourth trying to rebuild without rebuilding, can the Indians still maintain their hold on the AL Central for the time being?