2019 Reading Challenge

I surprised myself in 2018 by reading 33 books. I’m not sure if the surprise was because of how many I read or that I didn’t read more. I feel I could have read more, in fact, if I had spent less time on social media, something which I intend to do in 2019.

For 2019, I’m going hard core. My goal is to read one book each week of the year.

I have two requirements for my reading list:

  1. The books must be available from either the Medina County District Library or the State Library of Ohio.
  2. When possible, the books are in eBook format so I can read them on my Kobo Aura One e-reader. The Aura One has a large e-ink display and direct access to Overdrive, allowing me to check books out directly on the device.

Want to join me or follow along? I’ll be posting each book here on my website and well as on my Goodreads account.


What books would you recommend I read in 2019? How many do you think you’ll finish? Let me know in the comments below.

  1. We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

What I Wouldn’t Give To Be In Mission Control Tonight!

What Does ‘Dilly Dilly’ Mean?

Today’s grammar lesson. Enjoy! #DillyDilly

The executives who created this campaign admit that the phrase doesn’t mean much, other than conveying a rough sense of “cheers,” or “hear hear.” They chose it simply because it made them laugh.

And when they chose it, they probably didn’t realize it was an epizeuxis.


Cleveland Orchestra expands access to archives with two new digital tools | cleveland.com

I hope other orchestras all over the world are able to implement digital archive solutions like Cleveland has.

Not so long ago, researchers interested in historic Cleveland Orchestra materials such as old program books, photos, concert flyers, and newspaper articles had to do things the old-fashioned way. They had to come to Severance Hall, gain access to the archives, and thumb through scrapbooks in person, under Hoy’s supervision.

The down-sides of that process were considerable. Not only was it slow and inconvenient for researchers, especially for those outside Cleveland. It also put the materials at risk of damage or degradation.

That all changed in October. During National Archives Month, the orchestra announced a partnership with the Cleveland Public Library, through which its entire library of scrapbooks will be digitized and made viewable online for free.


Secret tunnels that brought freedom from Berlin’s Wall | The Independent

Today’s reminder that Drumpf’s border wall is a joke, as is his “presidency”.

I’ll bet the Idiot In Chief never even considered tunnels as a way to get past his wall.

Source: Secret tunnels that brought freedom from Berlin’s Wall | The Independent