Listen To The Wimbledon Radio Channel For The Best Tennis Experience

I always prefer the radio feed for sporting events over the play-by-play on the television. Tennis is no exception. If you’re a fan like I am, check out the Wimbledon Radio Channel via TuneIn. There are actually three radio feeds: An overall feed which covers the tournament in general and then two feeds dedicated to Centre Court and Number 1 Court.

Main Channel
Centre Court
Number 1 Court

How to take down Trump – Musing about law, books, and politics

Recently, in “Trump’s Parade v. Rule of Law,” I argued that current U.S. politics can be seen as a clash between Rule of Law and Charismatic Leader (definitions by Max Weber).

Following Weber’s model, I suggested that the way to bring down Trump is to undermine the myth he that propelled him to power (and the myth he created.) 

This raises the question: How do we do that?

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Was Thor Right to Behead Thanos? | The Legal Geeks

Yep. Thor was the King of Asgard. Thanos butchered Asgardian refugees, killed Heimdall with a spear, and murdered Loki by crushing the life out of him, all in front of Thor. From a purely view of a sovereign defending his kingdom, Thor literally executed a terrorist. However, modern views of law have reservations on targeted killing.

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2019 Winking Lizard World Tour Of Beers #73 – Dogfish Head SuperEIGHT Gose

This is a tart fruit beer with definite raspberry flavors. Very drinkable, but the tart flavor will keep you from slamming this one back.