The Infinity Saga: Iron Man (2008)

The Book Of Marvel – Phase 1, Chapter 1 In the beginning, the Marvel Cinematic Universe was without form and void. And Jon Favreau made Iron Man, and it was so. In the summer of 2008, my wife and I went to a local drive-in theater to check out two movies: Transformers and Iron Man. […]

iOS 13 – What’s New?

It’s that time of the year again – Apple releasing it’s latest version of the iOS mobile operating system. iOS 13 appeared on my iPhone Xr back on Friday (2019-09-20), and I took the plunge and installed it on my phone yesterday. It’s also the time of year (for me) to do a clean-up of […]

Testing The New iOS 13 Swipe Keyboard

iOS 13 is here and I wasted no time installing it on my iPhone. One of the many features introduced in this version of Apple’s mobile operating system is the ability to swipe between letters on the keyboard instead of tapping on each letter to type. This is a feature which 3rd party keyboards like […]

2019 Drum Corps United Kingdom Championships Live Stream

If you’re feeling drum corps withdrawal, there’s help! Drum Corps United Kingdom is holding their 2019 championships today! Finals begin at 12:30 PM Eastern Time, and it’s FREE! — Watch on

Jail Time or a Coronation? – Musing about law, books, and politics

Be cautious of the people who harp on Trump’s unfitness, as if that’s the only problem and when Trump is gone, the GOP will be normal again. In fact, Trump comes from decades of GOP reactionist politics.  Trump took decades of subtext and made it text.  — Read on

Scars of being hit by a foul ball resonate two years on

If the sight of a then 2-year-old girl nearly getting killed by a baseball — a sight that hushed Yankee Stadium and had Frazier, along with his teammate Matt Holliday, Yankees third base coach Joe Espada and Twins third baseman Eduardo Escobar kneeling in prayer and near tears — wasn’t enough to spur MLB to […]

Greta Thunberg speech: I have a dream that the powerful will take the climate crisis seriously | The Independent

My name is Greta Thunberg, I am 16 years old and I’m from Sweden. I am grateful for being with you here in the USA. A nation that, to many people, is the country of dreams. I also have a dream: that governments, political parties and corporations grasp the urgency of the climate and ecological crisis […]

2019 Baseball Tour – Cleveland Vs. Philadelphia

You know it’s a big game when the Goodyear blimp is in flight. It’s a well designed stadium when this is the view from the SRO seats. My traditional Brew Kettle Kitka. WHAT A VIEW! You can’t have a hot dog or a brat without the classic ballpark mustard. My view for tonight’s game. FIRST […]