The Worth(lessness) of Women – CoolCleveland

The idea that women don’t own their bodies, even in matters of life and death, leads to the dismissal of threats against them. We’ve heard often about young women accusing a campus athlete of rape, assault or harassment: he’s on the field Saturday while she’s pressured to remain silent, ostracized or paid to transfer quietly […]

One key scene helped cement ‘Hamilton’ as a Broadway legend. The team that crafted it explains how. – The Washington Post

I always enjoy these behind-the-scenes looks at how productions like “Satisfied” come together. Devising “Satisfied” for Angelica, a role originated in 2015 at off-Broadway’s Public Theater and on Broadway by Renee Elise Goldsberry, who would win a Tony for it, proved crucial to developing the emotional core of “Hamilton.” It took Miranda about a month […]

It’s time for BYOF (bring your own Fi) | Computerworld

This idea intrigues be greatly. How feasible would it be to require employees who wish to use their personal devices for work to use Google Fi? I’m also interested as I’m looking at Google Fi once my phone is paid off with T-Mobile. Google Fi will greatly reduce costs by putting the burden of managing […]

Marriott data breach: What to do if you were affected – CNN

Fortunately, I don’t have a Marriott account, but I’m sure I’ve stayed at at least one of their properties in the past four years. If you have, as well, you should read this article and take the necessary precautions to minimize anything the hackers could do if they were able to gather your information. Marriott […]