2019 Winter Guard International Percussion World Championships Day 1

Event: Percussion Scholastic A Prelims Location: University of Dayton Arena Schedule: 10 AM – 8 PM 10 AM – WGI Percussion Instagram 11 AM – WGI Snapchat 12 PM – WGI Twitter (Main and Percussion) 1 PM – Break 2 PM – WGI Main Instagram 3 PM – WGI Snapchat 4 PM – WGI Twitter […]

Lindsey Graham’s Absurd Argument – Musing about law, books, and politics

If Trump thought he could get away with shooting a person on Fifth Avenue, silly for Graham to suggest that he wouldn’t have written a check if he knew it was illegal. The chilling part is this: Graham knows it’s absurd. — Read on terikanefield-blog.com/lindsay-grahams-absurd-argument/

The Book of Jobu: How ‘Major League’ predicted the future

On the movie’s 30th anniversary, Sam Miller saw it for the first time — and noticed three things the classic baseball film foretold about the modern game. — Read on www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/26430248/how-major-league-predicted-future

GOP, Putin, and Cynicism – Musing about law, books, and politics

Absorbing Michael Cohen’s hearing yesterday and reading MAGA commentary, I’m struck by the deep and destructive levels of cynicism in the GOP and America’s far right wing.  GOP cynicism, it seems to me, explains much of what we are seeing. — Read on terikanefield-blog.com/gop-putin-and-cynicism/