Trump’s parade v. Rule of Law – Musing about law, books, and politics

The way to save the Constitution is for an overwhelming majority of people to reaffirm the social contract.   Fortunately we know how to do it. — Read on

Federal judge prevents Ohio heartbeat abortion ban from taking effect – News – The Columbus Dispatch – Columbus, OH

Damn straight, block this shit. I don’t want to live in Gilead. — Read on

Trump and the Courts – Musing about law, books, and politics

Being scared about what is happening is good because it inspires people to take action. Inducing despair and discouragement does the opposite: It renders people paralyzed, worn out, and unable to act. — Read on

Clearing up a Few Asylum Law Misunderstandings – Musing about law, books, and politics

1. Asylum seekers are legally allowed to do so, even if they’re in this country illegally. 2. Separating children from their parents as this country is doing is a crime against humanity. 3. The Trump administration must stand trial for their actions. — Read on