Box Center Episode 2009-7

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Theme – “The Monk of Funk” by Scott McLean
Background – “Magic Potion” by Dennis Janglov

Box Center Episode 2009-6

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Box Center Episode 2009-5

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Show music:

Theme – “The Monk of Funk” by Scott McLean

Background – “Magic Potion” by Dennis Janglov

iPhone App of the Day – Facebook

Raise your hand if you don’t have a Facebook account.

Now, the two of you with your hands up go set up your Facebook account. Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

OK, now that we’re all set, let me tell you about the iPhone Facebook app. First of all, like most of the apps I’ve told you about, it’s free. You can never argue with free. Second, you can do most of the basic Facebook functions with this app. You can update your status, make comments on status updates, view your friends’ updates, answer friend requests, send and receive messages, and view videos (if they are iPhone compatible). The app isn’t going to replace using Facebook on the computer, but you can definitely keep up with your friends and check your messages on a regular interface.

Facebook app

iPhone App of the Day – Weather Channel

There’s nothing wrong with the built-in weather app on the iPhone. It will tell you what the weather is in multiple locations and you can switch locations with a simple swipe of the finger. All you get, however, is the upcoming week’s forecast, no current information.

The free app from The Weather Channel fills in the gaps. The WC app also supports multiple locations and will also give you the current conditions for whatever location you are viewing, including your current location if you have location services turned on.

You can also check out the hourly, 36 hour, and 10 day forecasts for any location. If you’ve watched the “Local On The 8s” on The Weather Channel, these features are like the iPhone version of this TV segment.

If all the above wasn’t enough, you also get severe weather alerts, video clips from The Weather Channel, and a Google Maps mashup with your local radar image. You’re getting tons of weather goodness for free!

Weather Channel app

Episode 2009-4 Feedback

From Brian McBride, this episode’s interviewee:

Hi Kevin,

I just listened to the podcast and it sounds GREAT!!  Thanks so much for putting it together, you’re a real pro and did an awesome job.  Your interview style kept me relaxed and helped me not to stutter too much.  I’m going to share the podcast with friends, family and the LBJCB and LGSD marching band network.  I’m sure they will really enjoy it and hopefully several will put DCP in their ‘favorites’ list as a website they go to regularly.  Of course I also hope that listeners in the drum corps community will take interest in my book and read it.  If they enjoy the story and get inspired about music and band, then I have accomplished what I set out to with this book.

Thanks again Kevin for all the effort, reading my book and then interviewing me. I will keep in touch and certainly let you know when book 2 is ready.

Good luck with DCP and your future podcasts.  I’ll be listening.  Take care, Brian

iPhone + Hulu = Severe Productivity Drop

Imagine Hulu on the iPhone...Mmmmmm....

Over the past two weeks, I have seen multiple reports on the Web from various credible sources that a Hulu app is coming soon to the iPhone.  I don’t know about you, but there goes any work accomplishments for me once that app appears.

The original report came from Dan Frommer on the Silicon Valley Insider blog.  According to Mr. Frommer, the Hulu iPhone app:

  • is as excellent as Hulu’s Web site
  • is “badass”
  • will work over both wi-fi and 3G

I’m going to go out on a limb and bet that the Hulu app, if it’s truly happening, will be released simultaneously with the iPhone 3.0 release in June.  I’d better get as much done at work as I can before the distraction starts.

iPhone App of the Day – Easy Email

Yesterday, I gushed about the WordPress app I found because it lets me type my posts (like this one) on my iPhone in Landscape mode. Unfortunately, typing in Landscape mode is not available in most native iPhone apps, including Mail. Apple will address this shortcoming in June with the iPhone 3.0 OS update but, until then, what can we poor iPhone users do? Download the free Easy Email app, that’s what!

Easy Email is an iPhone app which runs separate from the Mail app. You can type your message in Landscape mode, then send the text to the Mail app. It’s an extra step of two, but the time you save by typing in Landscape mode more than makes up for it. Besides, it’s free!  As you can see from the image (which, as you can clearly tell, is in Landscape mode) over to the left, you also have other text editing options which can transfer as well.

Easy Email Free at the iTunes store

Box Center Episode 2009-4 – Brian McBride Interview

This week’s episode features a departure from the regular drum corps discussion with an interview of Brian McBride, author of Drummers: Rites of Passage on the Parade Route.  Brian has completed the first book of these memoirs, entitled The Trainee.  Brain talks with DCP News Managing Editor Kevin Gamin about his experiences coming of age with the Long Beach Junior Concert Band

Download the episode here.

Show notes:

Discussion Thread on Drum Corps Planet

Crawley Vanguard Begins March Towards DCUK Finals

Musicians from all over Crawley are getting together to celebrate 30 years of marching and music excellence in Crawley. Members of all marching bands and drum corps from the past 30 years are getting together to form one massed corps. “The first rehearsal went so well, we want everyone who has marched or played an instrument in a Sussex marching band or drum corps in the last 30 years to get in touch quickly as places are filling up.” Enthused Mark Gasson, the newly formed leader of the Crawley Vanguard. “We are going to play at finals and our aim is to re-unite old friendships, make new friends and have lots of fun too.”

Read the rest of the article here.